Build a Flows Report

Flows identifies the most frequent paths taken by users from or to any event. Use Flows to understand how your users sequentially perform events in your product, and analyze drop-offs or unsuccessful behavior. This article explains how to build a Flows report. To learn about the basics of the Flows report click here, and to interpret a Flows report here.

Create a Flows Report

Navigate to Flows by selecting it from Reports2rwnhacbsh_1_.png

Click on "+ Add" to see a list of all events you can select to start or end your flow with.


Use the "+" on the right of the visualization to add steps after your events of interest to see what paths your users took following these key events.


The "+" on the left of the visualization will add steps before the events you've added in the query builder. This will allow you to see what paths your users took that led up to these events of interest.


You can add multiple steps in the query builder. 


This allows you to examine flows between targeted events. The "+" on the left of the breakpoint line (marked with ≈) will show you the events that happened directly after the first anchored event.

In the following example, Flows is showing the event that happened right after Watch Video before the user purchased. 


Use the "+" on the right of the breakpoint line (marked with ≈) will show you the events that happened right before the later anchored event.

For example, below Flows is showing the event that happened directly before a Purchase, but only after the user watched a video. 



Filter Event by Property

Filter your Flows chart by a property in order to focus your query or examine a specific portion of your users. You can choose multiple filters.

Click the icon and click Add filter to view a list of event, and profile properties and apply the filter to the report.


Expand Event by Property

You can choose to expand the results of your report by a particular property to see how that property may impact user flows. You can select multiple properties. For instance, what if I wanted to understand how the specific Purchase Type changes the most common flow that leads to a Purchase event?

Click the Expand button, select an event, and then select a property under that event.


You can also expand on a specific event in the chart below by right clicking on an event and selecting Expand by property.



Filter Report by Property or Cohort

Click the Filter button to add a global property or cohort filter to limit what will be shown in the report chart below. This global filter applies to the entire report, rather than a specific event.


If you select one cohort, choose whether you want to include users IN the cohort or NOT IN the cohort. You can only choose this option if you have selected one cohort.

Select Date Range

Below the query builder, select the date range you would like to see in the report. The default is “Last 30 days”. Learn more about the date and time selector here.


Beta Capabilities

Have you ever wished to apply some more targeted Funnel Criteria to a Flow? Examples of this could be: 

  • Time to Convert Window- i.e What are the event flows of users for only the first 7 minutes after Signing up?
  • Holding a Property Constant- i.e What are the event flows in between Song Play and Add to Playlist but only if it's for the same song?
  • Exclusion Steps- i.e What are the event flows between Add to Cart and Checkout, but only if the user does not Abandon their Cart in between?
  • Sessions specifications- i.e What are the event flows for only a single session from Signing up? Only the first 3 sessions?

If these are questions you have been looking to answer, check out our Conversion and Drop-off Flows beta!

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