Segmentation Retirement FAQ

Mixpanel retired the Segmentation report on Monday, January 14th, 2019. The Insights report has been designed to replace the Segmentation report, as it has the same features as Segmentation and more. Here are some common questions that you may have about the retirement.

The Segmentation report will be fully removed on Monday, December 13, 2021. Please read below to see how to transition to the Insights report.

Why is Segmentation being retired?

Although Segmentation is a great report to break down and analyze an event, it was not designed to answer complex queries that include multiple events. Insights is a more powerful and flexible report that customers can use to analyze their events.

Right now there is significant overlap in functionality between Insights and Segmentation. By focusing on fewer reports, Mixpanel can release new features faster and continue building out Insights to be the most powerful exploratory tool.

Why Insights and not Segmentation?

Insights was originally designed to replace Segmentation, as Insights has several advantages over Segmentation:

  • Apply cohorts to analyze how groups of users behave (Enterprise Only).
  • Add formulas to calculate custom KPIs.
  • Compare time ranges to see how trends are changing over time.
  • More flexibility in setting the time ranges you’d like to analyze.
  • Receive anomaly alerts with explanations, so you can act quickly.

Read more about Insights 2.0 on the blog.

What will happen to the reports I have in Segmentation?

Mixpanel built a feature that converts Segmentation queries into Insights queries. This will make it easy to port reports saved or bookmarked in Segmentation into Insights.

Click the View in Insights button at the bottom of the query builder in Segmentation to immediately transfer that report to Insights.


You’ll still be able to access existing Segmentation reports temporarily through the URL, or in the “Applications” menu, but you should transition any important reports to Insights before you are unable to access them.

What will happen to Segmentation reports in my Dashboard?

Mixpanel has automatically transitioned these Dashboard cards from Segmentation to Insights.

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