Top Events in Reports

Mixpanel will calculate the top events of a project and display them by default in several reports. Top events are the 12 most frequently tracked events in the last 30 days.

Definition of Top Events

Top events are defined as the most frequently fired events in a Mixpanel project. Top events will be presented in reports by event volume, displaying the highest volume events before other events. Top events are calculated using event counts from the most recent 30 days.

Mixpanel will display the top 12 events when building queries using “Top Events”.

An Insights report that breaks down the “Top Events”, for example, will display the Top Events in order from most to least volume.


Reports with Top Events

Mixpanel will list “Top Events” in the following reports:

Additionally, Mixpanel will automatically define Top Events as “the 12 most frequently tracked events from the last 30 days” in Lexicon.

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