Filter Reports by User IDs

You can differentiate data that is sent to Mixpanel from data that teammates send during testing, or using a product and actual end users.

Building this distinction depends largely on the nature of the product, and the desired division between teammate activity versus your user activity present in the data.

Collect Data and Filter Out Reports by Email

To build reports that exclude teammate or employee activity, filter out data where the email property contains your company domain. The process is similar across Mixpanel reports. For example, in an Insights report:

  1. Click the Filter button.
  2. Specify the "email" property.
  3. Select DOES NOT CONTAIN to exclude the domain of the group.
  4. Select Add filter. You can add more filters for additional granularity.

Opt Individuals Out of Tracking in a Web or Mobile Single Project

Mixpanel’s client-side tracking library contains the opt_out_tracking() method. It sets the user’s local opt-out state to “true” and prevents data from being sent from a user’s device.

This action prevents data from being sent from the user’s browser or app going forward. However, it will not remove past events that were sent before this method was implemented. It will also not prevent any data related to the user from being sent from other platforms.

For more information, see Mixpanel’s developer documentation.

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