A/B Testing in Mixpanel

Mobile A/B tests or experiments are code changes that affect how your mobile app looks, or how it works.

  • Visual Tests: Consist of UX changes, and are set up using the codeless mobile interface. They’re often used to modify how the app looks and change the text or color.
  • Developer Tweaks: Variables that you can code into the app in a way that makes them editable through Mixpanel. These are often used to modify underlying parameters that are not accessible via the codeless mobile interface. Refer to our developer documentation for more information on how to implement tweaks on iOS - Objective-C, iOS - Swift, and Android.

Creating an A/B Test

You can set up a simple visual A/B Test by connecting to the codeless mobile interface in the A/B Testing tool. All you need is a working mobile app that has the latest version of Mixpanel installed.

Minimum tracking library versions required to set up a mobile A/B Test:

Follow the detailed instructions in the Mixpanel developer documentation to set up your own A/B test:

To begin creating an A/B test in Mixpanel, select A/B Testing from the Messages & Experiments drop-down.


Click New Experiment to create an A/B Test, then select either iOS or Android from the window that pops up. See the developer documentation for detailed instructions.


A/B Test Analytics

Click Analytics beside an A/B Test to view the effectiveness of your test.


The conversion chart shows how much activity your app is receiving for users in the test vs. users not in the test. The default conversion window for the conversion chart is 30 days.


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