Send Push Notifications from Mixpanel

Using Mixpanel you can contact your users through mobile push notifications. Select Android or iPhone and style the message to your liking in order to reach your audience.

Creating a Push Notification

To create a new push notification, navigate to the Messages report and select Push Notification from the Create new message dropdown. This will give you the following form:


Select iPhone or Android rom the Control Panel to see how your message will appear on the user’s phone, and then write your message directly on the preview phone screen. You can also choose to add an A/B test (link to A/B Test overview doc) to your push notification by selecting ADD AN A/B TEST button.

Save a draft of your message at any time in this process by clicking the Save button at the top of the page.


You can view all of your saved drafts by clicking on the Drafts tab of the main Messages page.


To send custom data in push notifications, refer to this article.

Targeting Users

After submitting the form for your message design and content, you will then need to define the targeting criteria for the users who will receive the message. Learn more about filtering by events, properties, and cohorts in this article. You can also target users based on prior messaging or target messages with calendar dates. 



Schedule your Push Campaign

Once you've targeted your users, you just have to schedule the push campaign. There are two options for scheduling push campaigns:

  • ASAP messages: These messages go out to individual users as soon as they match the targeting criteria. It's common for users to go from "not matching" to "matching" - many messages include a time-based requirement such as "last login was greater than two weeks ago", or one based off of other profile properties that may change.


  • Scheduled messages: These messages can be set to go out at a specified time, day of week, and interval. For example, you could set your message to go out at 9am PST every Wednesday. When the message runs, it finds all the users who match the criteria you have defined and sends it to them.

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