Braze: Set Up Guide

The Mixpanel Braze integration exports Mixpanel Cohorts into Braze. This allows you to send Braze campaign messages to targeted cohorts that are created in Mixpanel.

The integration described in this document is in beta and is therefore subject to change.


While in beta, this integration must be enabled. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in participating in this beta. 

Export Types

This integration supports two types of exports: one-time export and dynamic sync.

One-Time Export

In a one-time export, Mixpanel sends Braze a static export of users who currently qualify for the cohort. The cohort data will not be updated in Braze after a one-time export.

Dynamic Sync

In a dynamic sync, Mixpanel initiates a sync between a cohort and Braze every two hours. The exported cohort will be updated every two hours to reflect the most recent list of users in a cohort.

When you generate a one-time export or a dynamic sync, it overwrites the previous export with an updated export that reflects users who qualify for the cohort at the time of export.

Getting Started

Install the Mixpanel and Braze SDKs in order to build the integration.

Braze SDK: Android | Swift | Objective-C

Mixpanel SDK: Android | Swift | Objective-C

Note that the integration requires the following Mixpanel SDK versions: Android v5.4.1+, Swift v2.4.3+, and Objective-C v3.3.3+.

Set Up the Braze Integration

Integrating Mixpanel and Braze requires obtaining the required credentials from Braze, and then configuring the integration from a Mixpanel project. 

Required Credentials

In order to set up the integration, you must use a Data Import Key and a Braze Instance URL to connect a Mixpanel instance with a Braze instance.

The Data Import Key and Braze Instance URL are stored within a Braze project. These two values are stored in the Braze 3rd Party Integration menu under the Mixpanel Import tab.


Set Up the Integration

Enter the Mixpanel project where the integration is to be performed, then:

1. Click the Settings icon on the upper right corner of the page. Select "Integrations".


2. Select the Braze integration tab. Click "Connect".


3. Enter the Data Import Key and Braze Instance URL.


4. Click "Finish".

Export a Mixpanel Cohort To Braze

In order to export a Mixpanel cohort, you must have a cohort created. Learn how to create a Cohort in Mixpanel here. To export a Mixpanel cohort to Braze:

1. Navigate to the "Users" dropdown. Select "Cohorts".


2. Select the cohort to send to Braze. Select "Export to Braze".


3. Select a One-time export or a Dynamic sync. Click "Begin Sync".


Use the Mixpanel Cohort to Create a Segment in Braze

A new Braze segment can be built using a Mixpanel cohort after exporting a cohort from Mixpanel to Braze.

In order to build a Braze Segment after importing a cohort:

1. Go to the "Segments" tab under Engagement.


2. Click "Create Segment".


3. After naming the Segment, click the "Select Filter" dropdown.


4. Select "Mixpanel Cohorts".


5. Select the “includes” value from the dropdown. Click the “Search for a value” dropdown.


6. The exported Mixpanel cohort will be visible in the dropdown. Select the cohort.


7. Click "Save".

Matching Mixpanel and Braze Users

Users are matched in Mixpanel and Braze by the braze external id. This value must be a  $braze_external_id People property in Mixpanel, and must be an external user id in Braze. These values must match. 

The Mixpanel SDK automatically sets this property if the Braze SDK is in your application. If implementing Mixpanel and Braze at the same time, then there will be no additional work needed other than installing the Mixpanel SDK and the Braze SDK.

Users will not sync if the  $braze_external_id  property is not applied to Mixpanel People profiles for users that are to be exported to Braze.

Similarly, the users will not be imported into Braze from Mixpanel if the external user id is not assigned to users in Braze. 

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