Cancel an Account

You must submit a request to cancel a Mixpanel account. Mixpanel uses a cancellation request form to:

  • Ensure the account is not under contract before finalizing the request.
  • Track the reasons for cancellations and listen to customer feedback.

Submit a Cancellation Request

To submit a cancellation request:

1. In ORGANIZATION SETTINGS, select an organization. 


2. In Overview, click Submit in the BILLING & PAYMENT section.


The Downgrade Plan or Delete Organization window appears.


3. In the Downgrade or Delete Account window, select Delete Organization.

  • In the Reasons for cancellation field, check all the boxes that apply for the reason to cancel.
  • In the What will you do for analytics going forward? field, select an option in the dropdown  menu.
  • In the Would you like to add anything else? field, enter any additional information about the  reason to cancel.

4. Click Submit. A message on the screen indicates the request has been submitted.


Mixpanel is unable to provide refunds.

Data Deletion Timeline

Mixpanel allows access to accounts for 60 days after a deletion request.

All data for projects you own are deleted in 60 to 90 days. 

Project data deletion is a hard delete, which means the data is irretrievable after the 60 to 90 day period.

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