Cancel an Account

You must submit a request to cancel a Mixpanel account. Mixpanel uses a cancellation request form to:

  • Ensure the account is not under contract before finalizing the request.
  • Track the reasons for cancellations and listen to customer feedback.

Submit a Cancellation Request

To submit a cancellation request:

1. In ORGANIZATION SETTINGS, select an organization. 


2. In Overview, click Submit in the BILLING & PAYMENT section.


The Downgrade Plan or Delete Organization window appears.

3. In the Downgrade or Delete Account window, select Delete Organization.

  • In the Reasons for cancellation field, check all the boxes that apply for the reason to cancel.
  • In the What will you do for analytics going forward? field, select an option in the dropdown  menu.
  • In the Would you like to add anything else? field, enter any additional information about the  reason to cancel.

4. Click Submit. A message on the screen indicates the request has been submitted.


Mixpanel is unable to provide refunds.

Data Deletion Timeline

Organization Data Deletion

Mixpanel allows access to accounts for 60 days after a deletion request.

All data for projects you own are deleted in 60 days. 

Project data deletion is a hard delete, which means the data is irretrievable after the 60 day period.


Account Data Deletion

When you request to delete your account data, Mixpanel deletes you account immediately. To see the full instructions on how to delete your Mixpanel Account, please see Account Settings.

If you are the sole owner of an organization, you will be asked to assign a new owner to replace you before you can delete your account. Once you have successfully completed the account deletion flow, your account will be instantly disabled and is unrecoverable.

Note: If you wish to delete your account AND organization, you will have to mark your organization for deletion, wait 60 days, and then request an account deletion.  

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