Cancel Account

Mixpanel accounts can be canceled by request.

Why A Request?

Mixpanel uses a cancellation form requests for two primary reasons:

  • Make sure the account is not under contract before finalizing the request.
  • Track the reasons for cancellation and listen to feedback.

Submit Cancellation Request

Visit the cancellation request form directly, or navigate to the form:

1. Go to the Account dropdown, and click Account information


2. Go to Billing Plans, the click Submit request.

If you do not see the Submit request button, your account is on a free plan, not a paid plan.

Cancellation request form

Fill out the cancellation request form to request an account cancellation or downgrade. The form contains two options:

Downgrade request

Select this option to downgrade your billing plan to the Free tier -- you can select to do this for either your Engagement plan, your People plan, or both. You can find more details about the features supported on the Free tier on our pricing page.

Deletion request

Select this option to delete your account completely.

Mixpanel will allow continued access to accounts for 60 days after submitting a deletion request. All data for projects that you own will be deleted in 60 to 90 days. 

Project data deletion is a hard delete. This data will be irretrievable after the 60 to 90 day period. 

To submit the cancellation form, put your reason for the cancellation along with any additional information describing reason for leaving. This will help inform Mixpanel on ways to improve. 

Scroll to the bottom and click Submit.

Don't select Close, as this will not submit the cancellation form. 

Here is the cancellation request form.

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