Cancel Account

Mixpanel accounts on a paid plan can be canceled by request. Once your request is fulfilled, your account will be immediately downgraded to a free plan and you will not be charged again.

To delete your account, please contact support

Why A Request?

We don't want to make it difficult to cancel, but we would like to:

  • Make sure the account is not under contract before finalizing the request.
  • Track the reasons for cancellation and listen to feedback.

Submit Cancellation Request

Visit the cancellation request form directly or navigate to:

Account > Account information 


Billing Plans > Submit request

If you do not see the Submit request button, your account is on a free plan, not a paid plan


 Cancellation request form

To complete your request:

  • Select the plans to cancel
  • The reason for cancellation
  • Additional information. We will read it!


Don't hit Close! Scroll to the bottom and Submit

Take me to the cancellation request form

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