Dashboard Email Digests

Dashboard Email Digests are a snapshot of a dashboard sent as an email.

Digests allow members to share recent data with both project members and external audiences, providing quick and meaningful insight into a Mixpanel project.

You must be a project owner, admin, or analyst to create email digests.

Digests can be sent once or sent repeatedly, presenting the option to send pertinent information once or to send data updates on a recurring basis. They can easily be built and managed as part of a Mixpanel Dashboard report. Note that digests only show the 8 reports that are on the top of a dashboard.

Create an Email Digest

You can access Mixpanel Dashboard Email Digests from the Dashboard report of a Mixpanel project. 

You must have content in a dashboard in order to send a Dashboard Email Digest.

Additionally, you can have no more than eight reports included in a Dashboard Email Digest.

To create an Email Dashboard Digest:

  1. Select Email Digest in the top right corner of the Dashboard report.Screen_Shot_2020-01-10_at_3.46.53_PM.png
  2. The Email Digest Settings Control Center will display all active Email Digests.

    To create a new Email Digest, click Email Digests in the top right corner.


  1. Enter the title for the Digest.
  2. Select which dashboard you would like to send as the Digest.
    Note that "My dashboard" or "Project dashboard" cannot be selected. Also, though it is possible to select a dashboard that may not have any content (i.e. an unused Mixpanel default Marketing dashboard), an email Digest will not be sent if the dashboard is empty. Lastly, a Digest can display no more than eight reports, and will cut off any additional reports in the sent email. 

  3. Add the internal project members and external recipients you would like to receive this information.
  4. Set the frequency for how often to send this Digest to your recipients. You can choose a one time ASAP message, or select this to recur at a particular time each day (daily) or day and time each week (weekly).
  5. Click 'Send'.

Digests for Private Dashboards

It is possible to share an email digest for a private dashboard. However, there are some restrictions to what will be visible or accessible.

  1. If you convert a regular dashboard with digests into a private dashboard, existing digests will still work with existing recipients. However, if they click View Dashboard, they will not be able to access your private dashboard. Creating new digests or editing existing digests within the private dashboard will force you to limit recipients to yourself.
  2. You cannot edit digests of someone else’s private dashboard without selecting a different dashboard that you have access to (regardless of your permissions or role). You can still delete the digest or select a different dashboard.
  3. You cannot see the title of someone else’s private dashboard in a digest. The private dashboard will appear as “Unknown Private Dashboard”.
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