Engagement Plans Vs People Plans

MTU Pricing Transition

Mixpanel is transitioning to a Monthly Tracked Users (MTU) billing system. The plans described in this article are legacy plans. Read this blog post to learn more about the switch to billing for Monthly Trackers Users.

This article only refers to Engagement and People plans for those staying on that billing model.

Mixpanel has tiered pricing levels for two types of plans: engagement plans and people plans.

These reflect the two distinct types of data in Mixpanel: Engagement data (Events) and People data (People Profiles). Engagement and people data are often used in tandem in Mixpanel reports, but are stored and priced separately. 

Engagement Plans (Events)

Engagement plans allow customers to track and analyze event data. Events are any actions performed by a user on your site or app.

These could be signups, logins, button clicks, account upgrades, and so. 

Engagement plan pricing is based on the number of events sent per month or per year, availability of features, and access to historical data. Learn more about Engagement plans.

People Plans (Profiles)

People plans allow customers to store user details like username, email address, and other user-specific information on a user profile.

People profile data can be used to target specific user groups with messages, as well as in reports.

The pricing for people plans is based on the total number of user profiles saved in your account at any given point in time. Learn more about people plans.

It is important to remember that an engagement plan only applies to engagement data and a people Plan only applies to people data.

Purchasing an engagement plan or going over your engagement quota will not affect access or use of your people data.

Purchasing a people plan or exceeding your people profile quota will not affect access or use of your engagement data. Related: What happens if I send more data than my plan allows?

Viewing Account Plans 

The project owner can view the separate Engagement and People usage for your Mixpanel account by looking at Organization Settings. Click your initials in the top right of Mixpanel and select your Organization name under Organization Settings. 


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