Recurring Messages

Recurring Messages allow users to re-qualify for the same Message again after a set period of time. Recurring Messages are supported for Email, SMS, Push, or Webhook Messages, and can be incorporated into Campaigns. Learn more about incorporating recurring Messages into Campaigns.

Create a Recurring Message

After selecting the target criteria, there are two types of delivery settings to select from:


  1. One-time Messages will be sent exactly once to each qualified user, either now or at a later date.
  2. Recurring Messages will be sent repeatedly to qualified users. Recurring Messages can be delivered daily, weekly, monthly, or “As criteria is met” (ASAP after users qualify for the message). Message limits give you additional control over the frequency and quantity of recurring Messages sent per user. See below for additional details on Message limits.

For recurring Messages, you can decide when the Message should start (and stop) sending, how many Messages are sent per user, and how often the Message should be sent. Let’s look at these options more closely:


When to Start (and Stop) Sending

After choosing a recurring Message type, the first option is choosing when to start sending the Message. You can choose any future date and time of day. For daily, weekly and monthly Messages, you can even specify the time of day in the specific timezone of the user.

If you want the Message to stop sending at some point in the future, you can select the date and time (in your project timezone) when the Message will no longer be delivered. Otherwise, the Message will continue to send until any Message limits are met.

Limiting the Number of Messages Sent

With recurring Messages, you can continue to send Messages to qualifying users while the Message itself is sending, or you can specify a maximum number of times you would like a user to receive the Message. Choose “maximum” in order to define the maximum number of times a user will be sent the Message.

If you choose “no limit” or specified a “maximum” value greater than one, you’ll also be presented with the option to control the frequency of Message delivery.

Controlling How Often a Message is Sent

If a Message is configured to send more than once, you can also specify the minimum amount of time that must pass before the user can re-qualify for the Message. To do so, make sure you’ve selected a recurring Message type and chosen “no limit” or a “maximum” greater than one in the “Messages sent” section. You can then specify a frequency between 1 and 90 days apart. Note that 1 day apart means a 24 hour period of time, not calendar day.

Incorporating Recurring Messages in a Campaign

You can incorporate a recurring Message into a Campaign by creating it within the Campaign, or by moving a recurring Message to your Campaign from the Messages tab using the button pictured below:  


It’s important to remember that the date rate limit for a Campaign takes precedence over the delivery settings of any recurring Message. For example, a Campaign with a rate limit of 3 days will supersede the settings of a recurring Message set to delivery on a daily basis, and the recurring Messages will not send more than once in a three day period.

However, if a recurring Message does not have a stop date set or a maximum sends value per user, an edge case may arise in which a user gets ‘stuck’ in a Campaign and continues to only ever qualify for the same Message. To safeguard against this, a warning Message will appear in the Message Editor flow when adding such a recurring Message to the Campaign. In this case, a stop date or a maximum send value should be added to the recurring Message.


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