Send Messages During Ingestion Delay

Send Messages when data Ingestion is Delayed

To ensure accurate targeting, Mixpanel automatically pauses messages if real-time data is delayed for any reason.

To continue sending messages when data ingestion is delayed, click the Settings gear icon and select the Project name under PROJECT SETTINGS. Then select the Messages tab on the left.


The option to pause sending messages during ingestion delay is located at the bottom of the Messages tab.

When this option is toggled "OFF", the switch will turn gray and Mixpanel will continue to send out your messages during data ingestion delays.

Important Note

If you choose to un-pause messages during ingestion delays, please keep in mind that your messages will be targeted based on outdated data. If your messages rely on real-time targeting, we recommend keeping messages paused during data ingestion delays.

Data Ingestion Delay

To find out whether you data ingestion is delayed, visit the Mixpanel Status page to check the current status, or subscribe to updates to receive an email notification whenever Mixpanel creates or updates an incident.


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