Fit & Finish updates


Perfecting Mixpanel’s workflows are a top priority for us, and that’s why our customers appreciate our best-in-class design when answering their everyday product questions. We take pride in focusing on the small, but vital incremental improvements that help Mixpanel become faster, more intuitive, and an overall joyous experience for our users.

This month, we’re introducing our Fit & Finish updates: improvements that enhance Mixpanel’s workflows and upgrade your product analytics experience.

Query builder refinements

  • Report tabs have been adjusted and color-coded to help you easily recognize where you are during an analysis.


  • The query builder is much easier to scan, all thanks to the new way of adding event and cohort blocks via the header of each section.


  • Query blocks feel super reactive with their new design that reflects all the possible states they can be in.


  • Headers, like Event & Cohorts, stick to the top so you don’t have to scroll back up to add other query blocks.


  • We’ve added arrow controls for a quicker way to input your number of steps in Flows report.

  • Dragging and dropping query blocks that are partially populated (uncompleted) is now possible across the query builder.

Other updates

  • Flows report has been made even more intuitive - hover over a path to find the percent of users who performed that next step, and left-click on an event to pull up the action menu.


  • Dashboards feel quicker than ever now that loading times for report editing in a Dashboard have decreased considerably.

  • Build and rebuild your Dashboards faster than ever with supported Undo (⌘+Z) & Redo (Shift+⌘+Z).

  • Render optimizations to data tables have helped them feel snappier and scroll much smoother.

  • All dates in Mixpanel have been streamlined to one format, for example, Thu Jul 14, 2022 7:00 AM.

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