Marketo: Set Up Guide

The Marketo integration with Mixpanel is a turn-key integration that allows users to export Mixpanel cohorts into Marketo. The integration enables Marketo email campaigns to target users based on Mixpanel cohort data. The cohort export can happen once, or can be configured to dynamically update a Marketo Custom Field every two hours.

Marketo Integration Set-Up

In order to setup your Mixpanel and Marketo Integration, you must be an Admin in both Marketo and your Mixpanel project. To set up the integration:

  1. Input your Marketo credentials (Client ID, Client Secret, Rest URL) in the Mixpanel integration setup flow. Remove "identity" from the url so its rest endpoint when setting up the integration looks like:

  2. Create a Mixpanel Custom Field in Marketo. This Custom Field should be set as a boolean type. Read the Marketo Documentation for additional information on how to set up a Custom Field.

  3. The new Custom Field will update to 'True', allowing you to target users based on the Mixpanel cohort criteria.

    • For one-time exports: The Custom Field will automatically be updated to 'True', allowing you to target users based on this criteria.
    • For dynamic syncs: The Custom Field will be updated every two hours to reflect the status of the Mixpanel cohort. The Custom Field will be set to 'True' or 'False' to reflect the movement of any users in to or out of a Mixpanel cohort.

Sending a Mixpanel Cohort to Marketo

Sending a Mixpanel Cohort:

  1. Create a Custom Field in Marketo for each cohort that you plan to export.
  2. From the Cohort Manager in Mixpanel, Click on the Export to Marketo button:secondone.gif
  3. Copy and paste the field name associated with the cohort you want to export into Marketo:
  4. After exporting your cohort to Marketo, the custom field name for all matched users will be set to True.
    • For one-time exports: The Custom Field will be updated one time at the point of syncing.
    • For dynamic syncs: The Custom Field will be updated every 2 hours. Mixpanel will update the Custom Field to 'True' or 'False' based on whether the user is in the cohort at the time of syncing.

Exporting the Same Cohort to Marketo

It is possible to export the same cohort to Marketo more than once, however each export will require a new custom field within Marketo. Mixpanel disallows exporting to the same custom field so that the custom field you have created in Marketo is up-to-date with only the latest export.

Why is the cohort user count larger in Mixpanel than in Marketo?

In order to export a user to Marketo using Cohorts, the user must have the special user profile property $email set on their user profile. If this property is not set on a user’s profile, they will not be exported to Marketo.

How does Mixpanel handle users that exist within Mixpanel, but not in Marketo?

If the user within Mixpanel has the $email user profile property, a new lead will be created in Marketo with the $email user profile property value and the designated custom field will be set to True.

Is there a limitation to the number of profiles that can be exported to Marketo?

The maximum cohort size exportable is 30 million profiles.

Does Mixpanel export other profile properties to Marketo besides the user's email address?

No. At this time, Mixpanel will only export the $email profile property.

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