Enable Datasets in Mixpanel

Mixpanel project owners and project admins can enable Dataset connectors from the “Data Connector” tab in “Project Settings”.

The unique permissions required for each data source are outlined below.

Importing Datasets into Mixpanel

To import datasets from external sources:

1- Click the Settings Gear in the upper right corner of a Mixpanel Project.

2- Click Project settings.


3- Click the Data connector tab on the "Project settings" window.


4- Click Connect [Company] to import the data. The import can take time. An email will send once the import is complete.  

Salesforce Permissions

  • To enable the Salesforce connector, you must have a Salesforce account with API access.
  • This can be achieved by either having “API enabled” checked off in your user profile by your Salesforce administrator, as shown in the image below, or ensuring this API permission is part of one of your permission sets. Additional details on how to enable "API enabled" can be found here.


Zendesk Permissions

  • To enable the Zendesk connector, you must be a Zendesk account Administrator (see link for more details).
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