Mixpanel Datasets


Mixpanel Datasets allow product teams to query, join, and visualize data from external and internal sources quickly.

Without having to export and join any of your data, you can use Mixpanel’s simple interface to get instant answers to your sales, support and product questions. No need to bother your analytics or data science teams and no need to write complicated SQL queries.

Mixpanel offers codeless out-of-the-box Dataset connectors for Salesforce and Zendesk. Advanced users can utilize the datasets API to import custom data if additional information or connections are desired.

Enabling Connectors 

Mixpanel project owners and project admins can enable Dataset connectors from the Data Connector tab in “Project Settings”. The unique permissions required for each data source are outlined below.

Salesforce Dataset Connector

To enable the Salesforce connector, you must have a Salesforce account with API access.

This can be achieved by either having “API enabled” checked off in your user profile by your Salesforce administrator, as shown in the image below, or ensuring this API permission is part of one of your permission sets. Additional details on how to enable "API enabled" can be found here.


Customize Property Configuration

In order to customize the properties that are imported from your Salesforce dataset, you can click Custom Configuration when importing your data. In the resulting modal, you will have the ability to select the specific properties to be included. At this time, Custom Configuration is only available for Salesforce datasets.


Properties that are to be included need to be checked and properties that should not be included should be left unchecked. Once the desired properties are selected and the Update and Check button is clicked Mixpanel will validate all objects to be imported and ensure that none have more than 250 properties.

If any validation fails, you will receive an error message indicating the Salesforce objects that have more than 250 properties. You will need to ensure that each object has less than 250 properties selected and after doing so can attempt to re-import the dataset. After the configuration is complete, the dataset will be imported and refreshed every 12 hours.

Zendesk Dataset Connector

To enable the Zendesk connector, you must be a Zendesk account Administrator (see link for more details). System fields and custom fields enabled on ticket forms will be imported into the Dataset as event properties. 

Using Datasets

Datasets are queryable in Mixpanel's Insights reports. 

Questions that can be answered today in Mixpanel's Insights report with the default Salesforce Dataset include:

  • What is the total value of all currently active contracts?
  • What are the common contract durations? Are they changing year over year?
  • Which salespeople have won the most opportunities by dollar value?
  • What percent of opportunities are we winning? Per salesperson?

The Salesforce connector will import the following events into your Salesforce Dataset as soon as you establish a connection: Task created, Task performed, Campaign sent, Opportunity task performed, Opportunity task created, Account task performed, Account task created, Opportunity created, Opportunity closed, Contract created, Contract activated, Contract ended, Contract started.

Questions that can be answered today in Mixpanel's Insights report with the default Zendesk Dataset include:

  • How long do different types of support tickets take to be solved?
  • What custom fields are associated with the longest resolution times?
  • Which organizations submit the most tickets per month?
  • What is the average number of replies per ticket? Per agent?

The Zendesk connector will import the following events into your Zendesk dataset: Ticket created, Ticket assigned, Ticket solved, Ticket closed, Ticket reopened.

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