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Note: This plugin is only offered for Mixpanel paid Engagement plans. For more information on Mixpanel pricing, please see here. Note that this app is no longer available in AppExchange.

With Mixpanel Activity Feed in Salesforce, you are minutes away from giving your sales and support teams instant access to every Mixpanel event that a customer creates. The integration embeds an activity view on leads, contacts, and cases for easy access to your Mixpanel data:



  • Only a Salesforce System admin can install the application.
  • Mixpanel account that is tracking people and uses the people property $email as an identifier.
  • Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited Edition.

Step 1

Install the AppExchange package. You must be a Salesforce admin to install the package. Included are three Visualforce pages, two custom fields, and a custom setting.

Step 2

After installing the package, navigate to Installed Packages in Salesforce setup. Click on Mixpanel Activity Feed > View Components, and select the Mixpanel Custom Setting.


From the Mixpanel Custom Setting, select Manage > New. You should see a screen to enter in your Mixpanel API Key and Secret. Copy these from your Mixpanel project (to find your API Key and Secret, click your name in the upper righthand corner of your Mixpanel project and select Profiles & Preferences Projects), and click Save. Note: Don't confuse your project token with the API Key!


Step 3

We are now going to add the Mixpanel Activity Feed to the page layout. Depending on your requirements, you can add the feed to Leads, Contacts, or Cases:

  • Click Edit Layout from a Lead, Contact, or Case.
  • Create a section for Mixpanel Activity Feed.
  • Drag in the Mixpanel Activity Feed from the Visualforce section.
  • Click on the wrench next to the Visualforce page, make the pixel height 450, and select Show Scrollbars.
  • Click Save.


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