Events Tracking Limits in Mixpanel

There is no limit to the number of Events you can send to Mixpanel. There are, however, UI limits on the number of different Event names that can be displayed in Event dropdowns in your reports. Event dropdowns hold a maximum of 1,500 different Event names.

Are there limits on how many Properties I can send to Mixpanel?

Which Events will show up if I have more than 1,500?

Events that have not been sent to Mixpanel in 30 days will be automatically hidden from the dropdown (read more on hidden Events and Properties and how to unhide them).

Other than that, your most frequently fired Events will be displayed in the dropdown if you have more than 1,500 and all of them have been fired in the last 30 days.

The 1500 event limit also applies to Lexicon. If a project has 1500+ events, Mixpanel will only show the top 1500 events, the same way as Insights.

Best Practices

It is best practice to keep your list of Events short and use Properties to give more context and detail on those Events.

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