Track Email Open Rates and Link Clicks

The Messaging and Mobile A/B testing features are not available for purchase and will be deprecated from the product on January 1st, 2022. Read more information on the Mixpanel blog.

Track Email Open Rate

To track your email open rates, select the Track email open rate option on the Compose Message step when creating your message:


The Track email open rate option is selected by default. 

Mixpanel tracks email open rates using pixel-based Event tracking. Mixpanel adds a URL directed to into the src attribute of the HTML image tag within the email.

The format for the URL of the embedded image is the same as the URL for a regular Mixpanel request, except with &img=1 added to the end. By adding &img=1, Mixpanel will return a 1 pixel x 1 pixel transparent gif that triggers an event when it loads.

Here is an example JSON array that generates for an open email Event:

{"event": "$campaign_opened", 
        "properties": {
            "distinct_id": "", 
            "token": "e3bc4100330c35722740fb8c6f5XXXXX", 
            "campaign_id": "2072796"

You can view the email open event in Mixpanel reports, such as Insights and Funnels. The following example Funnels report shows the “Message Sent” and “Message Opened” events.


Track Link Clicks

To track when a user clicks a link in your email, select the Track link clicks option on the Compose Message step when you create your message Screen_Shot_2019-09-04_at_10.44.03_AM.png

The Track link clicks option is selected by default. 

Mixpanel tracks a clicked link in your email as a "Message Link Clicked" event. Unsubscribes are tracked as part of the "Message Link Clicked" event. Mixpanel also tracks properties of the "Message Link Clicked" event including the “Current URL” property, “UTM Parameters”, etc.

The "Message Link Clicked" event is recording each defined parameter as a property. These are not default properties, but rather a special property that is specific to this particular event. While you can use UTM properties to break down a report, UTM properties used in this way behave differently than the default event property "UTM Content", which is recorded as first touch only.

Within the context of "Message Link Clicked" properties are parsed out from the URL that was clicked, and therefore UTM parameters are not acting as the usual first touch default property.

The “Current URL” property is the full URL of the webpage on which the event is triggered. “UTM Parameters” are any UTM tags associated with the link a customer clicked to arrive at your domain.  


The Track link clicks option is not available in plaintext emails.

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