Track Email Open Rates

To track your email open rates, simply select the Track email open rate option on the Compose Message step when creating your message:


Mixpanel tracks email open rates using pixel-based Event tracking. Mixpanel adds a URL directed to into the src attribute of the HTML image tag within the email.

The format for the URL of the embedded image is the same as the URL for a regular Mixpanel request, except with "&img=1" added to the end. By adding "&img=1,” Mixpanel will return a 1x1 transparent gif that the program rendering the message will load. When the image renders, Mixpanel logs the Event.

Here is an example JSON array that we might generate for an open email Event:

{"event": "$campaign_opened", 
        "properties": {
            "distinct_id": "", 
            "token": "e3bc4100330c35722740fb8c6f5XXXXX", 
            "$campaign_id": "2072796"

This JSON array, once base 64 encoded and put in the proper URL format, looks like this:
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