Required Verification For Email Messages

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Upon creation of a new email message in either your Campaigns or Messages, you will be required to verify ownership of your reply-to email address. Emails will not be sent until verification is complete, and you will see the "PENDING VERIFICATION" message in the Sending column for any messages that are paused due to the verification requirement.

How to Verify

Click VERIFY EMAIL on the email sent to your reply-to address to verify and let your messages start sending. The verification link will be valid for 24 hours. If you don’t click on the link within that timeframe, you can trigger a new verification email by clicking RESEND NOTIFICATION EMAILS on the banner in your Messages tab:


Once you’ve verified one email at a domain (e.g.,, you won’t be required to verify other reply-to emails at the same domain (e.g., for your project.

Existing Messages

Messages that existed before this reply-to email verification requirement will not be affected - i.e, they will not be paused due to lack of verification. However, if you edit an existing message and a reply-to email from your domain has not yet been verified, you will be asked to verify at that point. Only the message you edited to trigger verification will be paused until you verify, even if other existing messages use the same email or another email from the same domain.

How do I verify if I’m using a no-reply address that I don’t have access to?

Since reply-to email verification is at the domain level, the easiest way to verify if you’re using a no-reply address to which you don’t have access is to set up a dummy message using a reply-to email that you can access. For example:

  1. You’re trying to send a message from, but you can’t verify because you cannot check the inbox of
  2. Set up a new, dummy message targeting zero recipients and going out ASAP using as the reply-to address.
  3. Now, you can verify using your own email, and once you’ve verified your domain, you can continue to send messages from
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