Managing Unsubscribes Across Messaging Platforms

If you use Mixpanel Messages as well as a different product to send other messages (like transactional notifications), you may want to make sure that user unsubscribe preferences are carried over from your other messaging platform to Mixpanel so that you’re not sending unwanted messages.

If you’re using the default unsubscribe link in Mixpanel, that link adds the $unsubscribed property to users’ People profiles. So if you have a large group of users that have unsubscribed from your messages from a different service, you can reflect that in Mixpanel by adding the $unsubscribed property to their profiles in bulk.

Detailed instructions on adding the $unsubscribed property to people profiles in bulk.

What if my other messaging platform allows people to unsubscribe from different types of content separately?

If you have many different kinds of campaigns and content from other platforms (e.g., a newsletter, critical product updates, new feature announcements), you may have users who are unsubscribed from one of those campaigns but is still subscribed to the others.

The way to handle this with Mixpanel would be to create custom unsubscribe properties:

  • On import, instead of importing the default unsubscribed property with a value, import one property for each unsubscribe option. For example: unsubscribed_newsletter, unsubscribed_product, unsubsribed_feature.

  • Then, when creating campaigns in Mixpanel, filter out those custom unsubscribe properties if they match the type of content you’re sending. For example, if you’re setting up a newsletter campaign, it would look like this:


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