How do I send a message based on whether the user opened a previous message?

Mixpanel allows you to target users with a new messages based on whether or not they’ve opened a previous email or push notification as long as:

  • The previous message was sent within the last 90 days; and
  • You successfully tracked open rate on the previous email or push message.

It’s not possible to target users based on whether or not they’ve opened a previous SMS or webhook, since open rates for these message methods are not available.

Create a custom event

To be able to target users based on whether they opened a specific message or not, first create a custom event where the event is Notification Opened, and only when Campaign = the previous campaign you want to target on:


Learn more about creating custom events.

Target new message

Once you have built a custom event, use that custom event when creating your new message to target those who have or have not opened the previous specific campaign that you selected:


Creating two new campaigns and avoiding duplicate messages

If you’re creating two separate campaigns from here (one for previous Notification Opened was performed and one for previous Notification Opened was not performed), you’ll want to make sure that you don’t target the same users twice in the event that they open your previous message very late and thus will receive both of your new campaigns.

To do this, add an additional filter to one of your two campaigns excluding people who received one campaign from also receiving the second campaign:


Best practices

If your plan is to target users who did not open one email and send them the same email again, you’ll want to protect your domains reputation and reduce the risk of email providers marking your messages as spam by making changes to both the subject line and the body of your new message. Sending the exact same email multiple times to the same user could possibly reduce inbox placement and deliverability.

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