Message Analytics

Access the Analytics icon next to each message you create to see metrics about that Message and help determine its effectiveness and reach. 


The Analytics icon gives you the option to build a two-step funnel (“Conversion from people sent a message”) to determine if people who received that message went on to complete a certain key Event. In addition, you will also see the following analytics at a glance:

Message Sent and Message Opened

SENT shows the number of times your message (and any variants, if applicable) was sent either daily, weekly, or monthly.

OPENED shows the percentage of people who opened the messages (and any variants, if applicable). These open rates are based on the dates that the messages were sent, not on the date of open. In order to be included in the opened percentage, the user has to have opened the message within 30 days of it being sent:


So for example, let’s say you sent a message on August 1 to 100 people, and 50 people opened it right away. You’d see 50 percent on August 1. On August 2, an additional 25 people opened the message, so you’d then see the percentage for August 1 rise to 75 percent. The percentage shown on August 1 will then continue to rise as users continue to open the message until August 31 (30 days later).

If you instead want to see open rates based on the date of open, you can do this in Insights. Choose the Message Opened Event, and segment by Campaign.

Email Message Bounced and Message Unsubscribed

BOUNCED shows the percentage of messages sent that bounced.

UNSUBSCRIBED shows the percentage of users who clicked the Mixpanel unsubscribe link from this message.

Conversion Funnel

Conversion funnels help you see whether your messages resulted in meaningful user actions, and if you included variants, which variants drove the most conversions. The conversion funnels in message analytics are based on the number of people who were sent (not necessarily who opened) a particular message.

The funnel looks at users who took the action selected within 30 days of being sent your message. In other words, users have 30 days from when you send a message to complete the action you select to be included in the funnel.

Advanced Message Analytics

Mixpanel’s Message analytics are designed to provide an at-a-glance view of how your campaigns are performing. To dig further into user behavior based on messages, you can always use Insights, Retention, or Funnels. Learn more about what kind of data Mixpanel captures for messages.

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