Messaging Limits

Some message types in Mixpanel have limitations depending on your Mixpanel plan.

The ability to send messages to users or configure mobile A/B tests is limited to paying customers on MTU plans (as a Messages & Experiments package must be purchased in order to use messages).

Push, Webhook and In-App messages

There is no limit on sending these types of messages per-se (i.e., there is no per message charge or extra fee) for sending push and email messages. However, a few things to keep in mind:

  • Messages can only be sent to users who have user profiles; under a free plan, you’re allotted 1,000 user profiles (see for other plan options).

  • Each message sent fires a "Notification Sent" event, which counts towards your monthly event quota. So, for example, if you were to send an email to 500 users, this would equate to 500 events (500 data points).

  • Additionally, if you’re planning to track open rate for email and push messages, this also fires a “Notification Open” event that also counts toward your monthly event quota.


At this time, Mixpanel users on a free legacy account are limited to 150,000 email messages per month. Emails sent in excess of this limit will not be delivered.

SMS messages

Sending SMS messages via Mixpanel, you’re limited to 1,000 SMS/month (unless otherwise contractually agreed upon with Mixpanel). There is no extra charge for SMS messages sent to numbers outside the United States.

How do I send more SMS than the Mixpanel 1,000/month limit?

Note: Though the only message type with a hard limit at this time is SMS, we reserve the right to cancel service or restrict access to messages in our sole discretion, as detailed in our Terms of Use.

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