Can I set up a campaign to send to users multiple times or every time they do a certain action?

Mixpanel Messages are automatically set up to be delivered only once to a user for a given campaign. The primary goal of Mixpanel’s Messages feature is re-engagement or getting users to convert to an action that ties into your KPIs.

For instance, I might send a push message to San Francisco customers who haven't engaged with my product in two weeks with a coupon, and then I can use a Funnel report to see how many came back and responded to my call to action by using that coupon.

This built in once-per-user-per-message logic makes it difficult to send transactional messages through Mixpanel (e.g., a message that sends every time a user completes a purchase, unlocks an achievement, views a certain screen/page, etc.) as it’s not the intended use case.

At this time, there is no way to override Mixpanel messages’ once-per-user-per-message logic. There is also currently no API for sending a push message from Mixpanel - you can only create messages via the Messages tab in the Mixpanel user interface.

Example use cases

Mixpanel is great for sending the following types of messages:

  • One-time promotions when the user triggers a certain event (e.g., send a coupon when a user adds a certain item to her shopping cart, promotional code to everyone who spent more than $100 in the last week, in-app message on a user’s 100th share, etc.)

  • Welcome messages (i.e., messages that are sent a certain number of days after a user signs up for an account).

  • Re-engagement campaigns (i.e., specific messages sent to get people to complete a certain action).

  • Sending a message when a user completes a certain event, where that event is a one-time action (e.g., signing up for an account, purchasing for the first time, sharing content for the first time, etc.)

Mixpanel is not an ideal option for these types of messages because of the once-per-user-per-message logic:

  • Sending a message every time a user completes (or doesn’t complete) a certain event, where that event happens many times in a user’s lifetime (e.g., every time a user advances to a new level, makes a purchase, opens the app, doesn’t complete purchases in her cart, etc.)

  • Weekly emails (or any regular cadence email) summarizing account activity/actions for that time period.

  • Automatically sending a message to users when there’s new content posted on on your blog or website.

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