Can Mixpanel track users who are offline?

Android and iOS

Mixpanel’s mobile SDKs have built-in functionality that queues offline Events and People updates. The mobile libraries were built to handle offline activity, so Mixpanel timestamps the Events, and Android and iOS devices that do not have internet connection continue to collect data locally. Once the app regains connectivity, the data will be flushed to your Mixpanel project. The offline events, up to 5 days old, will be added to your project.

In other words, as long you’re using either the Mixpanel iOS or Android SDK and the offline app regains connectivity within five days of performing Events, those Events will successfully get sent over to Mixpanel as expected.


The Mixpanel JavaScript library was designed with the availability of an internet connection in mind, so Events triggered offline using the JavaScript library would be discarded.

If you’re using the JavaScript library on mobile (e.g., with Cordova), you can fork the JavaScript library and build your own implementation that allows for Event queuing. As an example, take a look at the iOS SDK to see how queueing works.

If you expect users to be offline for more than five days

While uncommon, some Mixpanel customers have apps where they expect users to be offline without an internet connection for more than five days. In this case, we recommend sending Events to the import API for data older than five days.

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