Track Transactions In Multiple Currencies

Mixpanel’s Revenue report* is currently displayed with a dollar sign ($). Though you can track revenue in any currency, it’s not possible to change the dollar sign to another symbol at this time. Which currency you choose to track in is up to you, but all transactions should be converted to the same base unit.

Transactions in Multiple Currencies

While the Revenue report dollar sign is just for reference and you can track revenue in any currency, you should choose one currency and convert to that single currency before sending your transactions. If you send mixpanel.people.track_charge() calls using multiple different currencies, your Revenue numbers will be skewed by summing charges in, for example, British Pounds and also in Euro. For your own reference, you could also include the original currency in the transaction as a property.

For example, here the original charge was in British Pounds, but the preferred currency Revenue tracking is Euro, so the original charge of £25 is converted to €38.85 before importing the transaction:

mixpanel.people.track_charge(38.85, {
'original_currency': "GBP",
'original_amount': 25,
'exchange_rate': 1.31

While the properties set here are not available in the UI, they will be stored and are available in your project’s raw data. 

*Limited by plan type

The Revenue report is available on Startup and Enterprise plans - visit the pricing page for more information or to upgrade.

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