Track Image Loaded Or Document Opened

You may want to track an Event when a document or image on your site is rendered, and you can do this by leveraging pixel-based Event tracking:

  • Add a URL directed to a Mixpanel API endpoint ( into the src attribute of an HTML image tag within the document or image that will send the Event.

  • The format for the URL of the embedded image is the same as the URL for a regular Mixpanel request, except with "&img=1" added to the end: track/?data=[BASE_64_JSON_EVENT]&ip=1&img=1

  • By adding "&img=1,” Mixpanel will return a 1x1 transparent gif that the program rendering the message will load. When the image renders, Mixpanel logs the Event.


Here is an example JSON array that we might generate for a Document Opened Event:

{"event": "Document Opened", 
        "properties": {
            "distinct_id": "", 
            "token": "e3bc4100330c35722740fb8c6f5XXXXX", 
            "time": 1245613885, 

This JSON array, once base 64 encoded and put in the proper URL format, looks like this:
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