Autotrack On Single-Page App Websites

Autotrack on hold

As of 2/6/18, the Autotrack feature is on hold until further notice and is not available for new projects. If you have projects already using Autotrack, this change will not affect you for the time being. In the meantime, we advise our customers to proceed with programmatic code for more granular reporting and deeper segmentation capabilities.

Please contact your account representative or support for more information.

Whether or not Autotrack will work on a single-page website depends largely on the nature of the elements included on the page:

  • Autotrack tracks clicks and form submissions by binding click listeners to specific HTML elements, so Autotrack knows when someone clicks a specific element with a selector based on the element’s HTML class or ID.
  • Autotrack is not able to track dynamic elements, or cases where the classes and IDs of dynamically populated content do not stay consistent.

If the elements on your single-page website have consistent classes or IDs, Autotrack should work; however, if this is not the case, there will be limitations to Autotrack, and traditional track calls via the Mixpanel JavaScript library may be a better option.

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