Disable Autotrack

Autotrack on hold

As of 2/6/18, the Autotrack feature is on hold until further notice and is not available for new projects. If you have projects already using Autotrack, this change will not affect you for the time being. In the meantime, we advise our customers to proceed with programmatic code for more granular reporting and deeper segmentation capabilities.

Please contact your account representative or support for more information.

Autotrack collects all clicks, form submits, and pageviews on your site. It does not collect inputted data in sensitive fields such as password or hidden fields.

If you find Mixpanel falsely identifies an input as sensitive, you can override it by adding the class “mp-include” to the form field. Autotrack will then start tracking that field input.

Disable Autotrack for certain fields

If you’d like to disable Autotrack for certain field inputs or on certain elements, you can do so by adding classmp-no-track or mp-sensitive :

  • mp-no-track : Prevents an event from being fired when a user interacts with that element or its descendants.

  • mp-sensitive: Prevents form inputs from being tracked as a property. Mixpanel will still fire events on inputs that have mp-sensitive, but they will not include the form input as a property value.

Disable Autotrack entirely

You can always disable Autotrack entirely by opting out. Click the settings gear in the upper righthand corner of Mixpanel and select the project under "Project Settings". 


Then, select the Autotrack tab and click the green icon to turn it grey and disable Autotrack.


Note that only the project owner can disable Autotrack on a project.

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