Autotrack Overview

Autotrack on hold

As of 2/6/18, the Autotrack feature is on hold until further notice and is not available for new projects. If you have projects already using Autotrack, this change will not affect you for the time being. In the meantime, we advise our customers to proceed with programmatic code for more granular reporting and deeper segmentation capabilities.

Please contact your account representative or support for more information.

Autotrack makes it easy to get started with analytics without a developer by automatically collecting all interactions on your website. Access that data by creating events in a visual Point & Click Editor. Once enabled, Autotrack gives full access to all historical data; if you forget to track an event, you can go back later and add that event without worrying about losing data.

Autotrack is only available for web, but Codeless Mobile is available to help set up analytics without a developer on mobile. 

Events captured using Autotrack cannot be exported using the Data Export API or with JQL. See here for a full list of features that support Autotrack events.

To get started with Autotrack:

Install the Mixpanel JavaScript library

Before enabling Autotrack, install the Mixpanel JavaScript library on your site if you haven’t already done so. Be sure to insert your project’s token in the snippet to replace “YOUR_TOKEN.”

Enable Autotrack

Enable Autotrack for your project by clicking the Settings gear in the upper righthand corner of your Mixpanel project and selecting Autotrack from the dropdown. Once the JavaScript snippet is installed on your website and Autotrack is enabled in your project, Mixpanel starts collecting all interactions on your website automatically:


Create an event

To start analyzing data collected by Autotrack, choose an event to track:

  • Click the Settings gear and select Autotrack from the dropdown.

  • Select web, and enter the URL of your website.

  • Click CREATE EVENT in the upper righthand corner.

  • Click any element on your website that you would like to analyze.

  • Name your event, and click SAVE.

TIP: Get a sense for what actions users have performed in the last seven days with the summary statistic:


Look at your report

Once you save your event, you can see and use that event throughout your Mixpanel reports. Reports will include all historical data for your event from the very first day you added the Mixpanel JavaScript snippet to your website and enabled Autotrack.

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