Rate Limits for Export API Endpoints

Mixpanel does not have any rate limit on the volume of events or people updates you send our way. Queries made from reports hosted on mixpanel.com are not limited (with the exception of our newly released JQL product, whereby there is a 5 GB max of data that can be processed in a single query, and a 2 GB max for the resulting data output).

However, for the formatted and raw API export endpoints, the rate limit rules per project are as follows:

If you exceed the rate limit, a 429 error will be returned. We generally don't make exceptions on these limits as allowing more connections/queries can adversely affect our ability to scale and support all of our users. 

You can reduce rate limiting errors using one of the two approaches:

  1. Spread your queries out over a longer period of time.
  2. Try to consolidate multiple queries into a single query (for example, multiple queries filtering on a single property may be combined into a single segmentation query).
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