Mobile: Customize Flush Interval

Both the Mixpanel iOS and Android libraries employ queueing to optimize battery and data use on the end user’s device. Events and User data sent to Mixpanel gets queued and flushed at certain intervals by default. This interval can be adjusted to flush more or less frequently.


On Android, both Event and People calls are put into a queue that gets flushed to Mixpanel according to either time or size. If the bulk upload limit of 40 records is not reached, the default flush interval is 60 seconds.

You can also flush manually with public void flush(). One common use case is to call flush before the application is completely shut down to ensure that all of Events are sent to Mixpanel.


On iOS, data gets flushed every time the user backgrounds the app or every 60 seconds.

Shorten or lengthen the flush interval to send data to Mixpanel on a more or less frequent basis by changing the value of self.mixpanel.flushInterval. You can also explicitly call flush() to send the phone's queue immediately after having collected key events (such as sign up).


On Unity, you can configure the interval at which data is flushed to Mixpanel. The default time is that data gets flushed every 60 seconds. 

You can also flush manually with public void flush(). 

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