Block Default Mixpanel Properties

Mixpanel’s client-side libraries send certain Properties automatically. If you’re using the Mixpanel JavaScript library, you can choose not to send default Event Properties using the property_blacklist config. However, at this time, it’s not possible to stop sending default People Properties using Mixpanel’s client-side libraries.

What Properties does Mixpanel send by default?

Event Properties

Mixpanel supports blacklisting Properties, including default Properties that normally get sent automatically, via the property_blacklist config option. Your init() would be modified to look something like this:

mixpanel.init('YOUR_TOKEN', {
property_blacklist: ['$browser', '$initial_referrer']

Similarly, if you want to exclude IP/location tracking, alter the default config that sets ip tracking to “true”:

mixpanel.init("YOUR_TOKEN", {'ip':false});

People Properties

While the same functionality is not available for Mixpanel’s people.set() method, each People Profile has a max limit of 255 People Properties, which should still provide plenty of space for custom Properties.

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