Implement Mixpanel In Angular App

Mixpanel does not have an official library for Angular apps at this time. However, you still have a few options to implement Mixpanel:

  1. Leverage a third-party plugin: If you want to get up and running quickly, consider exploring a Mixpanel plugin set up for Angular implementations. While not developed or supported officially by Mixpanel, it may be worth trying to get the basics (like initializing the Mixpanel JavaScript library and tracking some rudimentary Events) implemented. While this solution is quick, the pre-configured solutions defined by the plugin do somewhat limit your ability to customize your Event tracking.
  2. Implement custom track calls: For a more customized implementation than a third-party plugin offers, use the Mixpanel JavaScript library directly. Once you’ve initialized the library, you have access to all of Mixpanel’s native methods and can implement custom track calls to fire when users take specific actions. Learn more about tracking Events in Mixpanel with the JavaScript library.
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