Notifications: Overview

How do I use Notifications?

Notifications doesn’t require any setup on your part, it proactively analyzes data that’s important to you and provides alerts when it detects trends that seem out of the ordinary. We automatically send anomalies for reports on your dashboard. So, if you would like to start receiving anomalies for a specific report simply add it to your dashboard. We also alert you on any saved report you have viewed at least twice in the last 60 days.

Notifications can be accessed from the bell icon in the upper right hand corner of the UI. Clicking on an anomaly from the bell will take you to the relevant report where there will be a bubble highlighting the relevant data.


Are there any restrictions on how many anomalies I can receive?

Notifications prioritizes the anomalies detected and will deliver up to a maximum of 3 per day.

What are the minimum amounts of data required to detect anomalies?

Segmentation & Insights

  • Daily granularity - 120 days of data

  • Hourly granularity - 120 hours of data

Funnels & Retention

  • 60 days of data + user selected conversion window

What metrics do we send anomalies on?

The following types of reports are evaluated:

Segmentation & Insights

  • Daily & weekly time granularity

  • Totals & Uniques


  • Anomalies for the conversion rate of individual steps as well as the overall conversion rate


  • Anomalies on the % of users retaining on a daily time granularity

What does submitting feedback to Notifications do?

The feedback you provide (Useful/Not Useful) is used to inform and improve the machine learning that powers Notifications.

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