Anomaly Detection

How does anomaly detection in Mixpanel work?

Mixpanel utilizes anomaly detection in both Smart Mobile Alerts on Mixpanel’s mobile app and Web Anomalies in Mixpanel’s webapp. Mixpanel’s approach to anomaly detection is covered in detail here.

Interested in learning more about how we use machine learning to help surface insights and make your data more actionable? Here’s an article that talks in more detail about our approach in general to machine learning.

What can anomaly detection in Mixpanel do for me?

Web Anomalies & Smart Mobile Alerts detect important changes in your data, alert you to them and take you to the specific related report so you can dig deeper. They surface important insights and issues automatically, freeing you up to focus on making strategic product decisions.

How do Smart Mobile Alerts and Web Anomalies interact?

Currently, the same machine learning model powers both Smart Mobile Alerts and Web Anomalies but alerts are separate from each other. For example, if you have a report on the Mixpanel mobile app but not on a Web Dashboard you may receive Smart Mobile Alerts for it but not Web Anomalies. Additionally, if you have the same reports on mobile and web dashboards you will receive alerts in both places and dismissing an alert in one place won’t affect the other.

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