Change Or Remove Autotrack Events

Autotrack on hold

As of 2/6/18, the Autotrack feature is on hold until further notice and is not available for new projects. If you have projects already using Autotrack, this change will not affect you for the time being. In the meantime, we advise our customers to proceed with programmatic code for more granular reporting and deeper segmentation capabilities.

Please contact your account representative or support for more information.

Modify or remove events via the Your events menu in the Point & Click Editor:


Click on the event in question to:

  • Rename the event

  • Add or remove properties

  • Add or remove elements

  • Change from tracking the event on all pages to just one page, or vice versa

To delete an event, hover over the event name and click the trash can icon:


Deleting events will remove the event from your reports. If you later realize you need that event, you can always recreate it and see all historical data again.

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