What options are available for codeless tracking?


Autotrack on hold

As of 2/6/18, the Autotrack feature is on hold until further notice and is not available for new projects. If you have projects already using Autotrack, this change will not affect you for the time being. In the meantime, we advise our customers to proceed with programmatic code for more granular reporting and deeper segmentation capabilities.

Please contact your account representative or support for more information.

Mixpanel offers Autotrack for web, which automatically collects all interactions on your website. Once enabled, you can access that data by creating events in a visual Point & Click Editor - no development resources required.

Autotrack collects a set of special default properties for you, and on top of those, you can also send custom properties to make the most of your data. Learn more about Autotrack and how to get started.


Use codeless tracking to send events to Mixpanel on Android or iOS without development resources. At this time, codeless tracking allows event tracking but does not have the ability to add custom properties to those events. Learn more about codeless mobile tracking and how to get started.

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