How can I view my web dashboards using the Mixpanel mobile app?

If a Web Dashboard card is supported on the mobile app, you will see a "Pin to mobile" option when viewing a Dashboard in a web browser.

To add a mobile-eligible Dashboard card to the Mixpanel app, click the "Pin to Mobile" tag. This will pin the dashboard card to your mobile app and will display it within a few seconds.


For easy access on the go, Web Dashboard cards can also be added from within the mobile app!

Note: In order for the Dashboard cards to appear on the app right away, push notifications must be enabled. If push notifications are not enabled, you will need to pull down in the app to refresh your dashboard and new cards will appear.

For a list of which Dashboard cards are eligible to sync with the Mixpanel mobile app, see the following: 

What reports can I sync from web to the mobile app?

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