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As of June 25th, 2021, the Mixpanel iOS App is no longer supported.  If you've installed the app already, it may continue to function, but will be more and more likely to fail to load data over time.  This article covers the details of the app deprecation, along with the basic functions of the app, for reference only.

Support for the App has Ended

As of June 25th, 2021, Mixpanel will no longer support its iOS App.  This refers only to Mixpanel's mobile app itself, not Mixpanel's ability to track data and report on usage of other iOS apps.

Why is the App being Deprecated?

We released the iOS app in late 2019 to provide mobile dashboards for our customers.  While the app was successful in this goal, adoption was low.  Meanwhile, we've been slowly updating all of our charts in preparation for a refreshed dashboard experience on mixpanel.com.  The app is now out of date due to these changes, resulting in a poor experience. Ultimately, we want to focus our efforts on areas that will deliver far more value to you, like the aforementioned dashboards refresh, hence our decision to discontinue our support for the app.

How does this affect me?

If you have the app installed already, feel free to continue using it.  However, over time, it may fail to load data more often, or you may encounter other bugs and crashes.

If you do not have the app installed, you will not be able to download it as it is no longer listed on the App Store.

How can I check on my metrics from mobile?

While Mixpanel doesn't offer a dedicated mobile app, feel free to access mixpanel.com on your mobile browser.  You may wish to bookmark important dashboards or reports in order to be able to reach them quickly.  Both iOS and Android also support placing bookmarked websites as icons on the home screen, for greater expediency.  

Where can I provide feedback on the deprecation?

Please comment on our community thread here


Mixpanel iOS App Guide (Reference Only)

The Mixpanel app prompts you to select a dashboard when you open the application for the first time. Click Select a Dashboard.


The list of available dashboards appears. Select the dashboard that you want to view.


To change from one dashboard to another, click the dashboard dropdown at the top of the application.


Your dashboards will appear. Select the dashboard that you want to view. 

Enable Notifications

Notifications are currently not available for mobile dashboards. The "Notifications" button in the settings menu will become active when mobile notifications are available.


Click the gear icon in the upper left corner of the application to access the settings menu. From settings you can enable notifications, edit error logging permissions, view terms and conditions, and log out.

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