Mixpanel iOS App

Use the Mixpanel iOS app to view your dashboards from an Apple device. Log-in with your Mixpanel credentials to gain access to your Mixpanel data.

This article covers the most recent mobile app, and not legacy mobile applications. Mixpanel no longer supports legacy iOS and Android apps. Visit the app store to download the most recent iOS app.

Select a Dashboard

The Mixpanel app prompts you to select a dashboard when you open the application for the first time. Click Select a Dashboard.


The list of available dashboards appears. Select the dashboard that you want to view.


To change from one dashboard to another, click the dashboard dropdown at the top of the application.


Your dashboards will appear. Select the dashboard that you want to view. 

Enable Notifications

Notifications are currently not available for mobile dashboards. The "Notifications" button in the settings menu will become active when mobile notifications are available.


Click the gear icon in the upper left corner of the application to access the settings menu. From settings you can enable notifications, edit error logging permissions, view terms and conditions, and log out.

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