Dashboard on iOS and Android

Pin your dashboard reports from the web to the Mixpanel mobile app for iOS or Android.

Eligible Reports

The following Dashboard report types are eligible to sync from web to mobile:

  • Insights: Single-segment line chart cards.
  • Funnels: All Funnels cards.

  • Retention: Single-segment Recurring cards and single-segment First-Time cards.

Dashboard cards that display multiple segments are not supported.

Mixpanel allows reports to be pinned to mobile if a user has mobile sync enabled, and the report is:

  • Not a Funnel
  • An Insights line chart that’s not segmented
  • Not a Retention Addiction report

Pin to Mobile

Add a report to a dashboard and then pin to mobile.


Log into the iOS or Android Mixpanel app and locate the report under the "Synced from web" section.

IMG_5309.PNG    IMG_5312.PNG


With push notifications enabled, cards appear instantly. If push notifications are disabled, refresh the dashboard by pulling down and the new cards will appear.

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