How do I add a report to any Dashboard?

Web Dashboards can be used with Insights, Segmentation, Funnels, and Retention reports. To add a report to your Dashboard, click on the 2017-03-07_16_49_23.941888-adddashboardicon.png in the upper right hand corner of your report. This will add the report to “My Dashboard”. All reports you add to a dashboard will default to My Dashboard.

To edit which Dashboard you want the report to go into, select "Edit Selected Dashboards."

You can also add a report to multiple dashboards:


For more information on what default dashboard names are, please see What do Growth, Marketing, Product, Project Dashboard, and My Dashboard mean in Dashboards?

You can also create a new custom dashboard by typing in the desired name in the open field and pressing enter or clicking “Create New Dashboard For ....”

At this time, Web Dashboard reports are ordered by alphabetical order of the name and cannot be reordered.

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