How do I enable or disable common mobile events if I have already implemented Mixpanel?

Common mobile event tracking is enabled by default for all users who signed up after July 7th, 2017. To enable common mobile event tracking on a project prior to that date or disable common mobile event tracking please refer to the details below.

To enable common mobile events from your Mixpanel project, go to your Project Settings → Autotrack and enable or disable “Automatically collect common mobile events.” By enabling this configuration option Mixpanel will start collecting all default event data and properties going forward as long as the user has integrated the latest Mixpanel mobile SDKs. The events tracked by enabling this feature on your Mixpanel project count toward your data point plan. It's important to ensure you're using the latest release of our mobile SDKs (Obj-C > 3.1.5Android > 5.1.0Swift > 2.1.6).

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