Visualization Tools

In addition to the stacked bar chart and stacked line chart, Insights has regular bar charts, line charts and a table view.

You can switch between Absolute and Relative totals by selecting the % or # icon in the upper right-hand corner of the chart. The Absolute view will show you, in numbers, your totals for different event counts. Relative will display these counts as a percentage of the whole.


When you are viewing a bar chart, you have four different sorting options: A-Z Ascending, Z-A Descending, Value Ascending, or Value Descending. To switch sorting views, select the Bar Chart or AZ icon to the left of Events in the upper left hand of the report and toggle between which view you would like to see.


Insights will automatically group your high-cardinality segments into ranges.

Drill down into a report

Drill down into the chart by highlighting the time period you would like to analyze. If you would like to reset the report to the original time frame, select the Reset Zoom icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner of the chart.

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