Insights vs. Segmentation

There are functionality differences between Insights and the Segmentation report that allow for more robust querying with Insights. Insights removes limitations around data exploration by allowing you to keep choices (i.e. choosing to use groupBy or compare) independent of one another. Below is a list of some of the functionality that Insights has that the current Segmentation Report does not:

Query Builder

The query builder allows you to compare multiple events and properties in one chart. Users are able to independently group results by more than two properties and independently filter the results — filters do not have to be the same property as the groupBy. Additionally, you have the ability to calculate average, max, and min on Events counts and numeric property values.

Chart Visualizations

Insights provides a variety of different ways to visualize your data. In addition to the stacked bar chart and stacked line chart, Insights has regular bar charts, line charts and a table view. You can also compare the data between two time periods. What kinds of visualization tools are available with Insights?

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