Lexicon: Overview

Lexicon is a data dictionary that lets you store Event descriptions for everyone in your project. You can view them in Insights, Segmentation, Funnels, and Retention reports.

These descriptions help your team extract the right data and answer product questions with confidence. Lexicon is available in all paid plans.

Open Lexicon

You can find Lexicon in your Applications folder as shown in this image.


Add an event description

All events in your project automatically appear in the dropdown menu. When you add a description to an event, Mixpanel temporarily tags it with a yellow triangle with an unverified status. A description contains a maximum of 170 characters. View the video below to see how it works.

Note: Lexicon allows you to only describe events. We suggest you add key properties in your event description as a reminder of what to filter by. 


Verify an event description

Verification helps you distinguish valid and accurate events from invalid or inaccurate ones. We suggest verifying events only after you've confirmed they are being sent correctly. To unverify these descriptions, click the Verified button again as shown in the image below.

Both default team roles, Owner and Admins, can add, edit, verify, and delete event descriptions. If you have team member roles, the Analyst and Consumer roles can only view the event descriptions. They cannot add, edit, verify, or delete them.

Sometimes events already have descriptions. This occurs because Mixpanel creates events for common mobile events, notifications, page views, A/B tests and more. To see the events Mixpanel creates, see Default Event Descriptions


Locate an event description

Event descriptions appear inside Lexicon and in your reports. They appear in two ways:

  • Unverified descriptions: Display the event description only.
  • Verified descriptions: Display green event icons, the verifier name, and the date of verification.

View this video to see how it works.


Delete an event description

Deleting an event description removes it for everyone in the project. If you want to change the description, click directly on the text.




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