Default Lexicon Event Descriptions

Lexicon enables you to add descriptions to Events, empowering everyone to understand and use the right data to find quick insights. Event Descriptions help your entire team understand what your data means, so everyone stays on the same page. Below are the built-in definitions for events created by Mixpanel.

Common Mobile Events

Mixpanel automatically tracks common mobile events. 

Click here to learn how to disable common mobile events.

  • First App Open: Triggered the first time the app is opened (once per user per device). Supports Swift, Obj-C, Android apps.

  • App Open from Push: Triggered when a user opens the mobile app from a push notification. Includes a "Campaign ID" property.

  • App Session: Triggered when users spend more than N seconds (default: 10 seconds) in the app. Includes "Session Length" property, measured in seconds.

  • App Updated: Triggered when a user opens the app after updating (per device). Uses the default "App Version" property to figure out if an update occurred. "Version Updated" property contains current app version value.

  • App Crash: Triggered when an exception occurs or signal indicating the app has crashed is received. Includes a "Reason" property for more detail. Not yet supported in the Swift SDK.

  • In App Purchase: Triggered when an in-app purchase request is sent (iOS only). Includes the properties "Product Name", "Product Quantity", and "Product Price".

Messages Events

  • Message Sent: Triggered every time any Mixpanel notification (Email, SMS, Push, Webhook, or In-app) is delivered. Properties include Campaign ID, Message ID and Message Type/Subtype.

  • Message Opened: Triggered every time a user opens a Mixpanel email or clicks on a button in an in-app notification. Does not trigger for SMS, Push, or Webhook messages. Includes "Campaign ID" and "Type" properties.

  • Push Received When App Open: Triggered if a user is in the app when a push notification is displayed. Includes a "Campaign ID" property.

  • Message Bounced: Triggered when we fail an attempt to send an email to a user. This can happen for a variety of reasons (invalid email, email too large, server down, etc).

  • Message Marked Spam: Triggered each time a Mixpanel email is marked as spam by a user. Includes a "Campaign ID" property.

  • Message Unsubscribed: Triggered when a user chooses to unsubscribe from Mixpanel emails. Includes a "Campaign ID" property.

  • Campaign Entered: Triggers the first time a user is eligible to receive a message in your Campaign. This event is sent even if the user is part of the Campaign control group.

Other Events

  • Top Events: Displays the 12 most frequently tracked events from the last 30 days.

  • Page view: Triggered when a desktop or mobile web page is loaded (JavaScript SDK only). Filter by "Current URL" default property for more insight.

  • Experiment Started: Triggered for each mobile app A/B experiment that a user is exposed to (both visual experiments and Tweaks). Includes an "Experiment ID" property. Not used for notifications experiments.

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